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The McKinley Name Continues...

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Coming Home

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A brand new Boaz

Birth Story

Miles Boaz joined us the 7th of July. I was ready for him in April, so the four day delay was very difficult for me. Isabella came on her due date, so I was expecting Miles to come early since he was #2. I started having some signs of labor on Sunday, so I called my personal midwife and sister in TN. "Hurry Lydia, I bet he'll come quickly." Lyd arrived Sunday night to a spotless house and my suitcase by the doorway. I had no food cooked or in the refrigerator b/c I didn't want to have to re-clean the kitchen and I was convinced the food would go bad during my 3 day stay in the hospital. Let's just say I wasn't thinking clearly, focused on the labor, and at a highly emotionally fragile state.

Sunday night. No baby. I am so sad. It is not going like my labor with Isabella. Very scared about the pain. Want to get it over with. Next time I'm not telling anyone my due date. I feel pressured. (I wasn't really pressured, like I said, highly emotionally and not thinking clearly.)

Monday. Buy every voodoo herbal drug out there to get baby out and take it like clockwork. Walk two miles. Sit on exercise ball. Cry. Pray for God to bring my baby. Sorry for the false alarm Lydia.

Tuesday. Continue voodoo meds. Why aren't they working? More exercise, tears, and seeing people stare at the 9 month prego. I tried everything. Maybe they can strip my membranes again tomorrow? Considering caster oil.

Wednesday. Go to early morning appointment with midwife. Stress test okay. Midwife says "he is happy in there, not coming out for awhile probably" I cry on the table. Membranes stripped again. Discuss caster oil. Discuss inducement. "I'm scared he's going to be enormous!" Cry.
Head to Kroger. Buy caster oil and O.J. Chug it. (Not that bad actually.) Take a nap. Wake up. Caster oil works! Sleep again. Caster oil works! Contractions 3 minutes apart. Joseph takes Isabella to Papa and Nana. Contractions 2 minutes apart. Hardly any pain. Maybe this one just won't hurt that much? Joseph gets home. "We have to go right now!" Arrive at hospital. Hot outside. Walk in parking lot to speed up labor. Drivers stare. Go in hospital. Midwife says: "what are you doing girl?" Me: "I took caster oil." Checked. Dilated more than before at appointment. Walk the halls. I hate it. Give me an epidural, I can't handle this. I go in the room, they lower lights and prepare the laboring tub. Tell midwife to give me an epidural. "Just get in the tub. See how you do." I get in the tub. I love the tub. Water calms me and helps with the pain. Joseph and Lydia get Chick Fil A. Joseph has chicken breath in my face. Pain is getting worse and hard to breathe through. I hate this. It's terrible like I remember. Want them to break my water so it will happen faster. Lydia encourages me to wait. "Just ten more minutes." The time frame helps me. Everyone keeps telling how great I'm doing. "Then why isn't this baby out?" I love my husband. I also am happy someone gave him gum. "10 more minutes..." "O Lord, help me!" They break my water. Get back in the tub that I love. Midwife: "Get out of the tub or you are going to have a water birth." I stand up to get out. Doesn't work, another contraction keeps me from getting out. I see Joseph and Lydia look at each other in panic. Finally make it to the bed. This is terrible. Everyone who said it wouldn't hurt as much the second time is a liar. Where is the bar? "I need the bar! I see my stretch marks in the mirror and in the midst of all the pain still manage to think "I really hope these go away." Pushing. Lydia pushes the mirror and my midwife out of the way. "I need a little push Ab." Push. Lydia catches my son. No tearing at all. Lydia is congratulated. I hear Miles cry. Joseph cuts the cord. My baby is put on my chest. I am so happy. Only a gift as great as this is worth all that pain. He is beautiful. I have a son. God is good. God is great! I feed my baby who is really happy to eat. I marvel at how amazing it is at their God given instinct to eat. One hour of wonderful bonding, I wish I could have had this with Isabella. I hope I don't pass out again. They are pushing my uterus like crazy! I guess they don't want me to pass out either. Let's get out of this room. This bed is super uncomfortable. Miles has a bath and hates it. "Joseph, aren't you glad it's over?" "Next time all I'm writing on my birth plan is 'Give me an epidural'" What a joyous time, I'm starving.

O Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, this planned long ago. (Isaiah 25)

Looking back.
It really wasn't as bad as the first time.
I am thankful for my birth plan and that my nurses and midwife honored it.
I think everyone should have midwife if possible! :)
A lot of people think I am crazy not to get an epidural, and while I'm in all that pain, I do too. The positives of it are very motivating for me though. My labor was only about 3 hours of terrible. I did not have a C section. I did not tear at all. I had control over my body. I was able to move around (this is a huge deal.) I could feel what was going on and push out my baby. I wasn't hooked up to anything. Natural birth is just that. Natural. While the pain is difficult, there are positives that helped to balance it out. I will say this. God does not mess around with punishment. Genesis 3 "I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children." A good reminder of how much God hates sin.
I am so happy Lydia was there to catch Miles Boaz. What a gift!
I praise God for the good friends and amazing family to rejoice with us and love our children. Please walk beside us to help us raise them in the fear of the LORD!