Monday, March 15, 2010

Sweet Isabella & the Pink Pig PJ's

I really think she is the cutest little girl. Call me if you ever want to discuss. :)

As I have entered motherhood, I have observed the passion that mother's have in their baby product selection. Some mothers are intense about this subject to the point of making you feel like a bad mom if you do not go with their recommendations. While I have grown to understand why a good sippy cup or exersaucer can be worthy of a long conversation, it really doesn't end the world if you pick another brand.

That said, I would like to give a high recommendation for Carter's and Melissa & Doug products. I have purchased/been gifted with quite a few of their products and have never been disappointed.

A New Addition - Think Blue!

I think the end of this is really funny. :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Free Plants!

Thank you to Nana & Pops for our free plants, advice, and good company this Saturday! Every time we are around them we are blessed. :)

Pigtails, Diapers, Hats, Music, & Bathrobes with Bows

Mombo's Short Visit

SHINGLES! Oh no! Poor Mombo had a case and had to head home early. :*( Thankfully Isabella did not get the chicken pox from her shingles! Whew!

Don't want to move the furniture around a lot? Make a room to scale with furniture to scale.

...and VOILA! the perfect plan by only lifting a few fingers!

She did get a chance to help me arrange the guest/play room, teach Isabella how to eat with a spoon, and play with Isabella before she had to go. She will just have to stay twice as long for the next visit.

March Madness Begins

Why does my mom thinks it's cute when I look crazy?

There are few things better than reading a good book with someone who loves you!

Boy are the days flying by! Before we know it Miles will be here and I will be zombie like from lack of sleep.

The snow is gone, hopefully for good, and we have started to work on the yard. Isabella is a very good walker now, so we have all started to don our white trash clothes and head into our muddy yard to play/work.

We need a fairy to grant the following wishes:
-A week to work in the yard (mainly Joseph...)
-Someone to cut down some unwanted trees and branches.
-Someone to help with the deck we plan on building (contingent on Joseph winning the "Biggest Loser" competition at work. He has lost 25 pounds so far, and is looking good!)
-A good deal on a ton of mulch and large rocks.

Please pray for Joseph especially as work has become more time demanding and he wants to get the garden and outdoor jobs done.

I just want to plant pretty flowers everywhere. :) I am considering planting from seed since it is a lot less expensive. I have also been pruning a lot. Hopefully it won't kill them...

Working outside helps us to think about biblical truths.
EX: Repeatedly getting caught on thorns makes me think of the "sin that so easily entangles us."
Trying to pull weeds up from their roots is difficult, much like it is painful to get to the root of my own sin and repent.
Watching things grow makes us marvel at how God chose to provide food and beauty for us. God's creativity is worthy of much meditation!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Anniversary #2!

Two years ago today I walked down the aisle to my fiance. Little did I know two years from then I would be back in Lynchburg and pregnant with our son Miles Isaiah. Our lives have not gone according to our plans, but I rejoice to say that God's plan for us is more rewarding and sweet than I knew to be possible.

It was difficult to adjust to being a wife and having the pregnancy hormones within two months time! Things got real fast, and our uncertain future became much more scary with the added responsibility of a baby.

God has been testing our faithfulness. We say "children are a blessing!" - then realize we think that only when they come on our time schedule. I say "women should submit to their husbands." but then constantly see the Eve in myself and my sinful to desire to "rule over my husband." We say "we must love the body of Christ!" and then fail to be generous with our time and money because of our own selfish desires. We say "God will provide!" then cry over an uncertain future.

I praise God for revealing our sins through our marriage/parenting/relationships with friends and family. I praise Him for giving us a way of escape and conforming us to Christ's image. I praise Him for his patience with our sinful states and that He is slow to anger. I praise Him for faithfully providing in the past. I praise Him for His future grace! I praise Him for showing us our past foolish decisions and promising wisdom for the future.

I am looking forward to the future and pray that we will point people to Christ through our marriage increasingly each year. I am so thankful God has provided me with such a wonderful husband who loves and serves God. My Italian hottie is the best earthly gift God has ever given to me. :)

1 Peter 4:8
Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.