Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Chase is On!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Be My Valentine

Isabella's First Oreo cookie to celebrate Cupid's day!

This year for Valentines we celebrated with our church family at Redeeming Grace Baptist. It was a good time. We played the newlywed game. We came in second. So close to that gift card! :( We were losing for most of the game, but came back at the end when they asked a lot of food-related questions. :)

Snow, Snow, & More Snow!

Here in Lynchburg, we have suffered through a long winter. (Just check out our electric bill if you don't believe me.)
One fun thing about the cold is putting snow hats on Isabella. She thankfully did not inherit her momma's gene of looking stupid in hats.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Pat the Bunny!

This is one of Isabella's favorite books. Others include: Peek a Moo!, I love you through and through, and Roar, Hiss, Trumpet!

Her favorite part is smelling the flowers. She likes to smell all of the pages sometimes. Thorough baby. :)

February Fun!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Isabella's January Activities

Isabella going through my purse thinking: "This looks like a good coupon... Can I combine it with a sale?"

I'm waiting for you to put my bow back on momma! You know I have to be fancy!

Here is my bow. I am good at taking it off my head!

Let's play stand up and pretend like I am going to walk - and then chicken out!

Hi! Let's read this book!

January Fun

I am a quarter of a century!

Isabella really likes Minnie Mouse. She thinks Mickey is Minnie and likes to go around the house pointing out all of our Disney items. (There is a shamefully large amount...)

THE WHEELY BUG! I love this item. Small, cute, last up to 50lb, & speedy. Thanks Uncle John & Aunt Heather!!

Isabella's favorite books are the flip up or the touch books. So far she has perfected the sounds for the following animas: Dog, Cow, Duck & Cat She often crawls through the house barking.