Thursday, April 16, 2009

Resurrection Sunday

We spent a wonderful Sunday in SC with Mombo and Grandpa. HE IS RISEN INDEED!!!


oseph drove all night and we ended up in Augusta around 6 a.m. Nana & Papa took care of Bella while we caught up on sleep and then Joseph and Papa headed to the Master's. Joseph loved it. I am so glad he got to go. Nana and I headed to the mall to do some shopping. Isabella and Haven (Isabella's brand new cousin!) made out very well indeed. Nana bought Bella a beautiful Easter outfit. Joseph and I got to go the Master's the next day. It was very pretty and I stood within a few yards of Tiger Woods. As always, we had a pleasant time with good fellowship.


My Little Muffin Rolled Over!

April 8th she rolled over (back to belly.)

Cherry Blossom Festival

It was a pretty & windy day in D.C. We had a nice time, but have vowed to never return to D.C. during a festival due to the high volume of people. We started out with a quick trip to the zoo where I saw panda bears for the first time. Then to starbucks where Nana & Papa treated me to a coffee. Yum! We met up with Lisa and David later on and began our journey around D.C. We look forward to when we can return and enjoy the free educational oppotunities again.

Brown Family

The Brown family kindly invited us to stay the night on Friday before we went to the cherry blossom festival in D.C.

Mr. Brown made breakfast for us Saturday morning. He made the best eggs I have ever had. He has a gift.

We love the Brown's and want to be like them when we grow up. :) We had such a nice time with them and good conversation. Their kindness to us is a blessing.

A Good Book

We really enjoy reading this book "What is God Like?" to Isabella. It encourages us as it speaks of God's character. What a mighty God we serve! Please join us in our prayer for Isabella's salvation.

blackwater creek trail

We really enjoy this trail. There are many trails that follow the creek. It is so nice to be able to drive seven minutes to a "mountain trail." (another reason for you to move to "the burg") :)

Can you spot the owl?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

3 Months Old

Nana bought Bella Boo some cute clothes and a jumper for her birthday.
We decided Jackson should try it out first to make sure it was safe.

Bella says "I don't know about this guys..."

Isabella's funky and fun Aunt Lizzi!

Nana treated us to a delicious birthday lunch at Little Dickens (which is one of the best places on earth.)

St. Patricks Day

McCutie! How great is that?! (cool onsie courtesy of Nana)