Monday, October 26, 2009

Autumn Leaves


This fall we have enjoyed:
A visit from James and Anna Swanson
Fun late nights with Reed and Toni (and soon Abel!)
An especially beautiful hardwood outside our house that is showering red and yellow leaves down
Watching Bella get cuter by the minute (and more independent!!)
Isabella's conversations. These started at 9 months
Isabella following us around the house
Lydia Keeton being born (pictures will be posted later)
A house that is closer to being finished
A washer and dryer, (woo hoo Nana & Papa!)
A new camera to capture it all!
I was denying fall for awhile because I was so sad to see summer leave, but I have now embraced the pumpkin. One key motivation to the embrace was a pumpkin spice coffee I purchased at Joe Beans. When you come visit, we will go get some. Yum!
I never really enjoyed Fall until I lived in Lynchburg. It is so beautiful here. God truly is magnified by His creation!