Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well, it's been over a month since baby Isabella was born. We have done a really horrible job of updating this thing! She was 21 inches long, 7.7lbs, and healthy as can be. Now she is 10lbs...growing like a weed!

Here is a link to a lot of pictures: McKinley Picasa Photo Album
We'll try to update this with a link when we add pictures. It takes entirely too much time to add them to blogger.

We got a chance last weekend unexpectedly to go visit both sets of Grandparents in Augusta and Columbia. We are so grateful that they live in such close vicinity. They really enjoyed seeing Isabella and she loved seeing them.

In other news, we have created a videoblog for our family on youtube. They are yet to respond on what they think of the idea, but we hope it will catch on and be a source of fun in the years to come.

Here is our first post.