Friday, March 27, 2009

happy pictures

I am sad that Isabella is growing up so fast, but I love seeing her discover new things (like herself in the mirror.) Her smile is the most beautiful smile in the whole world, and it gets bigger and more frequent daily. She currently can roll over on her side. She also likes to hike both of her chubby little legs as high up in the air as she can and then toot. Her little bottom packs a mean punch.

Hey Guys!

I can move my arm with lightening speed!!

I wish my Maw Maw would come up from South Carolina to play with me!

Lydia & mom, I know this picture grosses you out. To each his own.

That baby can DaNcE!

Pennsylvania Here We Come!

I met John in Quantico (sp?) and we headed to Pennsylvania. It was a very short visit, but a sweet one.
It was so fun to introduce Isabella Jean to Elizabeth Jean! I never imagined showing Grandma my baby. I guess I am really a grown up.

The trip should have taken about 12 hours in driving total. It ended up taking me about 20! It was a good visit and I had a good time talking with John, so it was worth it. :)

Goodbye Hemlock Hill

John and I stopped in to see Aunt Janet as well. She sold her beloved house to some "very nice people who will take good care of it." It was strange to see it empty. The house seemed sad without people in it. I love how you can put so much of yourself into your home. In a way it is a self-portrait of you/your family.

John & Aunt Janet on the bridge. I think the bridge was John's idea and Uncle Wayne designed it. He was a genius. Lydia and I made some of the concrete underneath it and have our initials in it. Uncle Wayne was very patient with our concrete making ignorance.

Isabella and Aunt Janet got along very nicely.

It says: "This house built especially for Wayne, Janet, & Susan Long."

Thursday, March 26, 2009

First Bottle

Isabella had her first bottle. I wanted her to try it in case she had to have one while I was at work. She enjoyed it and had no problem finishing it off. (that's my girl...)

Spring Is In The Air!

The warm weather is most welcome as I am very tired of winter and anxious to wear my spring and summer wardrobe (let's hope it fits!)

Enjoying some sunshine.

Sometimes I wish I could relax as well as she does...

The Bumbo is still a little advanced for her, so she only likes it for a few minutes.

Peek-a-boo Momma!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The McKinley's Love the Keeton's!!

We are so thankful for Tamara and Daniel. They are such a blessing to us. We are also thankful that they are expecting a little blessing of their own this Fall! God is good!
Isabella's Elvis impersonation. Ha Ha.

Tuckered Out

My poor husband drove the entire trip. He worked Thursday until 12 a.m. then Friday from 7-4pm. Then he drove to TN. (I did offer to drive by the way.) Driving is tiring, but it is also a great time for conversation with your best friend. :)
Joseph collapsed when he got home. Isabella, however, perked right up after her five hour nap in the car.
There is nothing better than this.

Swanson Stop

We got to visit with Anna and James Swanson in Tennessee too. We, as always, had a great time with them. We are so thankful that God gave us such good friends.

A Tennessee Weekend 3.7.09

We went to Tennessee this weekend. It was a lot of driving, and a lot of fun.

Notice Bella has her arm around Elijah. They are friends. Elijah even tried to give Bella (he calls her Bubba) some of his drink when no one was watching....

Sweet cousins.

Aunt Lydia with Bella and her brand new nephew Luke!

Uncle Joe giving Elijah a ride. Joseph also taught Elijah how to "pound it" and hit his chest like Tarzan.

Uncle Eric! He was really excited about getting this picture.

He is a wonderful uncle. He just needs to work on his baby talk skills... (Don't worry, we can give you some lessons Eric!)

Elijah and I reading. I was happy to see he chose one of the books I had given him to read. :)

This is Elijah's backyard!


The Graves Family. (Little Pepper will be joining them soon...)

At the creek. Eric can skip rocks like a pro after some pointers from Joe & Isabella.

You may recognize this wagon from my wedding. The ringbearer has grown a little.

Joseph enjoyed some cookie dough (and cookies later on.)

Our Bella Jean has found her thumb! Note disdained pacifier...sigh.

I love this picture! Super girl with her daddy on the Grave's front porch.

Pop in Visit!

Nana & Papa were able to pop in for a quick visit. Bella enjoyed the spoiling! Everybody needs spoiling from Grandparents. I know Joseph & I appreciated it in our glory days....

Bella spit up on her pink dress on her way to the mall with Nana and Papa. So of course she had to have a new outfit! As Maw Maw says "she has to be fancy." Nana and Papa picked out a cute green dress for her and we headed to Cracker Barrel.
Nana was holding Isabella and then we heard Nana say "uh oh". Bella, who hadn't pooped for four days, had an explosion. Some of this explosion landed on Nana's pants. Nana proved her love for Bella, and her numbness to poop from her nursing career, by thinking the whole situation hilarious.

Daddy's Hat

She wants to be like her daddy I guess...

She makes it look good.

Monday, March 2, 2009


It snowed a lot overnight here in the Burg. Joseph celebrated by running around outside in his knickers at 1:30 a.m. (we will post that video later)
We headed over to the Hunts house. It was so much fun. When I was prego I couldn't do anything like that, so it is especially fun now.
Grandma, Dave (Pops), and Peg (Nana) watched Bella while Joseph and I romped in the snow. Isabella enjoyed it and was sad to leave.
We love the Hunts! On our bookcase of favorite people, they are on the top shelf.

I went really fast. There is a creek bed at the botom of the hill. Joseph saved me from flying into it a few times. (my hero)

I accidently hit Joseph in the eye with my sled. oops. In my defense, it wouldn't have happened if he wasn't trying to shove snow down my back.

First family snow picture!

Nana (don't worry, it's pronounced differently that your Nana name Connie!!) rocking Bella. Rocking is one of her favorite things to do.