Saturday, September 13, 2008

a synchronize swimmer?

I don't just feel the baby kick anymore, I feel it move and flip flop inside me. I will look down and my stomach will be lopsided (Blueberry seems to favor my left side). I can't tell what body part I feel when it's moving, but I think it might be it's little bottom. I just hope it does not like the frank breech posistion that it was in when we had our last ultrasound.
I finally have two days off of work! I started a home health job, so I have been a busy girl... I am 26 weeks now, so I only have to keep it up for 14 more (and then on to the easy task of labor and child rearing....)
Looking forward to time with family at Myrtle Beach as well! I just need to somehow find a maternity bathing suit and a nice dress to wear. Lynchburg is not a hot spot for shopping (except the J.CREW store!) so this is no easy task.
Still working on my wedding thank you's (how embarrassing).
We pick up Jackson from the vet today (his manhood has officially been removed...) Hopefully this will help his potty training.
God's faithfulness continues. He has faithfully provided and I am confident will continue to do so. I am sad that I do not have more time at church to minister. I miss that, but look forward to the opportunities after the baby comes and we have somewhat figured out how to be parents.