Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christmas in Georgia!

Joseph's Great Grandfather McKinley's watch with three generations of good lookers. :)

Isabella found G.Papa's hair more exciting than the car ride. Just don't touch his ear! haha

Isabella's first trip to Chuckie Cheese!

My Momma is silly!

Hey Momma, you know that is my paci!

Momma, what are you doin?

The best family ever! (I may be bias.)

Dancing to "Baby Mine" (Note the Baby 2 baby bump!)

Thankfully, G.Papa didn't hold a grudge and danced with Bella anyway. :)

Isabella shared her second big poop of the day with G.Papa!

Aunt LaLa gives Isabella her first purse! Of course it has Minnie on it. They have lots of bonding time over their shared love of Minnie Mouse.

Papa reveals his Disney spirit. It's good that Isabella is in our lives. We all have an excuse to reveal our bizarre sides. ;)

Nana gives Isabella some grocery shopping tips. (Next year I will get her started on the coupons.)

She decided to share it with G.Papa. He looks puzzled about where to put the teeth. :)

Isabella LOVES her Mr. Potato Head.

Opening presents!

We benefited greatly from these presents 'neath the tree!

Papa & Isabella

Mombo & Grandpa bought this dear little Snow White outfit for Isabella. She pooped on her Christmas outfit, so we decided this Nana & Papa wouldn't mind if she arrived in this for Christmas.

Christmas in South Carolina

Isabella plays one of her favorite games. Peek-A-Boo!

Isabella shows Grandpa how to play with her new train.

I gave Joseph a garden stone that has a Thomas Jefferson quote on it. "I am still devoted to the garden." -T.J

Uncle Dwight is delighted with his new bulldog to decorate his house with next Christmas! :)

Mombo's watercolor of Elijah. Looking forward to Isabella's. (Hint, hint!)

On Christmas Eve we all sang some hymns. Isabella joined in and probably sounded better than her momma!

Aw. Siblings sharing!

Isabella's personal stocking!
Isabella LOVES the bath more than any other activity I think. She got in Mombo's whirlpool tub and played in the bubbles.

Isn't Haven so Beautiful?!

Elijah and Haven always get along this well. :)

Isabella enjoys rocking on her horse or a little rocking chair. If you find a good deal on one, get it and we will pay you back.

They will be best friends. Just like their momma's! :)

Above is Mr. & Mrs. Morris. Mr. Morris is like a third Grandpa to me. He has been praying for me since I was five years. God has blessed me richly, and I am so thankful for the prayers of this "righteous man."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

December Kisses

By the way, my hair is wet. It is not greasy.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Song!

Birthday Baby!

We had a wonderful party for Isabella at the beginning of December. We were so happy to celebrate with close friends, Aunt LaLa, and both sets of Grandparents! I made an assortment of dips (with contributions from Nana and Toni.) Then we had a super cute cake made by Stacey Wilson (who I highly recommend!) Isabella sported a home-made tutu courtesy of Aunt Lydia. I was surprised at how much Isabella enjoyed herself. The icing from the cupcake kept her awake, and extremely happy, for a good five hours! She enjoyed visiting with the familiar faces as well as opening presents.

Papa McKinley prayed for Isabella's future marriage/husband. Paw Paw Hamilton prayed for her to heed discipline. Pops Hunt prayed for her to have a grateful heart. Daddy prayed for her salvation.

Thank you God for blessing us with this amazing gift for one year!

We covet your prayers as we strive to honor God with the opportunity He has given us to be a God-glorifying family! If you know us at all, you know we need a LOT of prayer!