Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pregnancy comments....

My sister Lydia, who is very good at blogging, brought up the interesting topic of pregnancy comments. These are some of the ones I have received:
"I can tell your gaining weight in your face now."
-co worker
"I think you are going to have to work on your butt weight the most after the baby comes"
"Are you having twins?"
-stranger at Kroger
"We better get out of the hallway now, there's not enough room"
my favorite is:
"You are such a cute pregnant girl, you are just all belly"

The baby is due in 3 days!!! I've had some contractions and am 1cm at my checkup on Wednesday. I am hoping to go soon as I would like to be home for Christmas... (not to mention I have cute Christmas pj's for Blueberry)

Lyd & Eric arrive on the 19th. I have been anticipating our long visit with great excitement.
The McKinleys will arrive on Christmas Eve so I know Christmas day will be very special. :)

Currently sipping my rasberry tea and hoping for some baby action. (Even though labor scares me!!)
God is faithful. I certainly am mad at Eve for eating the fruit though....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Tomorrow

Blueberry is now full term. I am anxious for him or her to come out, but nervous about how I will handle labor. My pregnant body has become more awkward in the last week, and I find myself slowing down...

Nana and Papa are coming in tonight. Nana is making the entire Thanksgiving dinner which is really really nice (especially because I worked today and tomorrow and have never made Thanksgiving food. :) I just remembered we don't have enough glasses for everyone at the table... (plastic cups from a pizza place anyone?)

We already have the house decorated for Christmas. I have to work this weekend so we couldn't have done it then, and I am anxious for it to be ready for the Grave's arrival. They are coming to spend Christmas with us (which is a big sacrafice I think) and I hope it is a very fun a special one for them. I am currently feeding the baby some egg nog. Yum. I think Blueberry likes it. Joseph does not however, and compares it to drinking snot.

The nursery is coming along well. I chose a bright yellow color and am accenting it with black sheep and white furniture. (ok, i stole the idea from pottery barn kids...) I think it will be very cute. Mom reapolstered (sp?) the rocker I got and it is super cute. Nana is buying the pottery barn lamb bumper so I think it will turn out well.

I love the little Blueberry and am so excited to find out if it is a boy or a girl!!! Joseph and I feel like it is a girl, but everyone is dreaming about it and it's always a boy...

Monday, November 3, 2008

a post from dad

This is dad's first post on the blueberry blog. This is a note to all of our friends and family who are praying for us and helping us out with getting ready for this baby blessing to arrive. Thanks so much! It means so much to Abigail and I who were blessed with this gift very unexpectedly, leaving us feeling very unprepared. God has proven himself faithful to us through you and your ministering to us. We can't wait to hold this baby in our arms and introduce you to eachother. It will be a very special time indeed.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

a synchronize swimmer?

I don't just feel the baby kick anymore, I feel it move and flip flop inside me. I will look down and my stomach will be lopsided (Blueberry seems to favor my left side). I can't tell what body part I feel when it's moving, but I think it might be it's little bottom. I just hope it does not like the frank breech posistion that it was in when we had our last ultrasound.
I finally have two days off of work! I started a home health job, so I have been a busy girl... I am 26 weeks now, so I only have to keep it up for 14 more (and then on to the easy task of labor and child rearing....)
Looking forward to time with family at Myrtle Beach as well! I just need to somehow find a maternity bathing suit and a nice dress to wear. Lynchburg is not a hot spot for shopping (except the J.CREW store!) so this is no easy task.
Still working on my wedding thank you's (how embarrassing).
We pick up Jackson from the vet today (his manhood has officially been removed...) Hopefully this will help his potty training.
God's faithfulness continues. He has faithfully provided and I am confident will continue to do so. I am sad that I do not have more time at church to minister. I miss that, but look forward to the opportunities after the baby comes and we have somewhat figured out how to be parents.

Friday, August 22, 2008

ultrasound #2

Joseph & I were so excited to see our little Blueberry via ultrasound this Tuesday. They told us everything looked healthy and we were faithful to our commitment not to find out the sex of the baby. The u.s. lady later told us that she couldn't even see, so it turns out we just saved ourselves a dissappointment.
I had some cramping on Wednesday which scared me a lot since it lasted over an hour. I left work early and called my midwife sister who came to the rescue! I felt better after I laid down and drank tons of water. (thanks lyd!)
It makes me even happier to feel the baby kick now, because I am reassured that it is "ok in there".
I am hoping to get our YMCA membership soon so I can go and do some much needed exercise (especially swimming b/c it feels so good.)