Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One of my favorite pictures.

Isabella is smiling and wonderful a lot of the time. The other times she is like this.

Strawberry Pickin'

Joseph, being the super awesome husband that he is, let me run into Macy's and buy this strawberry outfit for Isabella. We picked up Chick fil a as well (using our coupons of course!) and headed up the mountain for some strawberry fun.
It was a little late for strawberries, so we didn't have as many to choose from. The strawberries they did have were small and super sweet (delicious!) They would have been perfect for jam, but I was too scared I would ruin it, and the strawberries are pretty expensive. (I have a hard time trying new recipes b/c I get so angry when they don't turn out b/c of the $ wasted.)
It was hot and a little buggy, so perfect picking weather. Isabella was really excited to be able to pick and eat as many strawberries as she wanted. A fun new experience of freedom (after we taught her not to eat the green ones...)

They had some horses that Isabella got to pet too. It was very exciting. We were hoping this would help her not to say "moo" whenever we asked her "what does the horse say?" It didn't. We had a lot of fun though.

This was the day that Joseph tried the spicy chicken sandwich. He was impressed.

Welcome our Swagger Wagon (Refer to Swagger Wagon post) "Mildred" who we call "Millie" for short. G.Papa blessed us with this much needed gift for our growing family. We are so thankful for Millie and all the memories we will have in her/she will take us to. Thank you for the blessing G. Papa!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fun in the Sun

One thing I really like about Lynchburg is being able to be "white trash" whenever I want. Everyone in Lynchburg is not white trash, but there are just enough people who are that you can do white trash things without getting the judgmental stares you could expect from other areas of the USA.
It is not unusual here to see people grocery shopping with super tight ripped sweat pants, the occasional mullet, or meeting someone who considers McDonalds fine dining. So you can understand why we feel the freedom to not cut our grass for two weeks and throw a blow up sprinkler pool we purchased from Big Lots on the lawn while our daughter runs around in a swim diaper and some purple camo water shoes I purchased at a thrift store. (Oh, and the fat pregnant mom who sports spandex shorts b/c it is the only thing in the world that is somewhat comfortable for her enormous body.)
So, three cheers for Lynchburg and the freedom to feel dressed up if you purchased your whole outfit from Target.

Bella Jean

Our sweet girl is growing up so fast! Please pray for wisdom for Joseph and me as we endeavor to teach her about her Creator.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Joseph!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

They call me Paw Paw