Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Goggins House/Farm?

We headed to the Pam & David's house for dinner one Friday night. We really love the Goggins. I give Pam a lot of credit for not liking animals and having a dog, cows, goats, & chickens. :) We got to know this lovely family when I tutored Alston the summer of my junior year at LU. Such a privilege! Cassidy, Alston's older sister, was the flower girl in my wedding. She was a big hit and did a perfect job. I am really thankful God has given me a mom like Pam to look up to and keep me laughing.

Alston really like jumping with me. :)

Jackson LOVES to run in a field. Joseph and I get great joy from watching him run with the wind. Jackson drives us crazy, but he really is a great dog who fits in well with our crazy family.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Strawberry Dress


Isabella sports a sweet hot pink dress from Maw Maw & Paw Paw. Ab makes Mombo's signature fruit trifle. It was actually as good as Mombo's (who is famous for forgetting to give all the ingredients in her recipes...) Positives: The fruit trifle is light, a little healthy, and extremely delicious. Negatives: The fruit trifle is expensive, took an hour to make r/t chopping up fruit, and needs to be eaten in two days. It reminded me of home/mom while eating it. I wonder what dishes will remind our kids of home when they have flown the coop?

Stop on the Blue Ridge Parkway

We headed up to the mountains for dinner. I remember living in FL, which is very flat, and longing for a mountain view. It's sad how quickly I took our surrounding beauty here for granted. We are so thankful to be able to live somewhere that shouts especially loudly of God's beauty in creation.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nana & Papa

They love Isabella! :)

Aunt La La's Dress

Isabella got to wear one her favorite Aunt's dresses one Sunday! :) Thanks La La!

Family Pictures Are Hard to Get!

Hooray we finally got some! We decided to spend money on a nice camera instead of doing studio shots. Great idea, except the camera didn't come with a photographer for us to drag around. It's still been great for the individuals and when we force someone to photograph us. I feel like for every 30 pictures, you luck out to get one good when you do a group shot! :)

Spring Flowers

We are so happy this long winter is over and we have a chance to show off our fat thighs! (If only everyone thought they were as cute on adults as they are on children.)

Note the super cool sandbox with table and umbrella Nana & Papa got for her! She has had many fun times playing in it. I do think she'll have more fun next spring/summer when she has her play buddy Miles with her. Good times are always better with a best friend. (Which they will be of course!)

My Man Looks GOOD!

Isabella and I think he looks good in his grubbies too. :)

Joseph recently lost 40 pounds! Here is Joseph sporting his Easter Sunday attire. *a special thanks to John & Papa for making this possible*

Happy Birthday Haven!

All the partying wore out Isabella.

It was a nice duet...

Cartoons with daddy!

Sweet Luke! (Haven's cousin on Eric's side.) He has one of the cutest smiles I have ever seen!

Strawberry Cake!!

Sweet Haven turned ONE! Isabella and I are so happy we could join in the celebration of lovely Haven. She is a delight. Lyd did a great job for her party. She made a delicious strawberry cake (of which I enjoyed two huge pieces) and had Haven looking extra pretty in a bodacious tutu and headband. It's wonderful to discover the joys God has in store for you as you see your children grow.